January 17, 2018


Any school child knows, or at least believes, that if you see a person or boat in distress on the water, the "law of the sea" demands that you render assistance....more>
January 10, 2018


As we (probably) all made New Year's resolutions to go on a diet, we keep getting reminded that we are getting heavier as we get older. No matter where we turn, someone is telling us that we are getting fat and need to be thinner! Guess what? So are our boats! Yes, as boats get older, they get heavier and that has a lot to do about being less "sea-kindly" and more "tender" as they get older (and our reflexes get slower -- not a particularly good combination)....more>
January 03, 2018


OK, how many "hurry-canes" can we get (60 mph winds and driving rain that lasts 20 gut-wrenching minutes) before we start paying better attention to the weather? And if you had drilled down a little, maybe there was more information that you could have used to your benefit -- and an appreciation of the forecaster....more>
December 06, 2017

Before You Throw In The Towel, Give It a Go!

OK, so you're done fishing and you turn to the engine and give the key a turn. Ominously, you don't hear a thing. Or… she turns over, but as soon as you give it forward propulsion, she stalls....more>
September 13, 2017

Hunkering Down – Hurricanes…

With Hurricane Harvey having wrecked Texas and Louisiana and Irma having her way in Florida and Georgia, it is a grim reminder that we are not immune....more>
August 30, 2017

Better Than Uncle Weatherby? Just Look Up!

Anybody who was born prior to, say, 1970, can remember the newscaster/weatherman Tex Antoine, aka, Uncle Weatherby. While weather forecasting is far more reliable than ever before, it pales in our esteem for the mariner that can open the back door, look up, gaze knowingly for a second or two, and pronounce, "Nah, we'll be coming home in a whopper....more>
August 23, 2017

The Small Craft Advisory – That Means You!

When we recently wrote about getting a proper weather report before making way, it illustrated how important it can be to drill down into a simple weather report for a day to get the projections by hour....more>
August 16, 2017

Float Plans: Nothing But Upside

As we often pine to be afloat with a deck beneath our feet, we might even feel compelled to venture out with proper planning. If so, the Float Plan, oft spoken of and more often ignored, can be key for you and those closest to you....more>
August 09, 2017

Ahoy, Skipper, Prepare To Be Boarded

Unlike any other law enforcement arm, the US Coast Guard may board your boat at its discretion. They need no search warrant, no provocation, and no reason other than ensuring your boat is in full compliance with all applicable federal laws and regulations....more>
August 02, 2017

May-Day, May-Day

Search and Rescue is the most recognizable and time-honored task of any mariner, especially the United States Coast Guard. "You have to go out but you don't have to come back" is a wizened catchphrase long gone from the guidance offered by senior officers to eager-to-prove-themselves-worthy boat crews....more>