March 14, 2018

Springs' Eaton Journeys Through Music

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Inda Eaton will bring her musical storytelling style to two East End stages this weekend. Eaton moved to Springs in 2004 after stints across the US, and even Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. Her acoustics mentally transport concert-goers to the backroads of America, simpler life, and open skies.

Eaton will perform at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Friday at 8 PM, and the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett on Saturday at 7 PM. The latter is a benefit for Share the Harvest Farm and will feature multiple musicians.

At the Bay Street Theater show, Eaton will be joined by lifelong partner and percussionist Jeffrey Smith.

What inspired the name behind The Bay Street event 'Authentic Adventures?'

The 'Authentic Adventures' inspiration comes from the concept or line of 'You just can't make this stuff up' . . . 'There is no substitute for reality.' My favorite creative process involves people and their lives. I enjoy creating from live shows and developing the tunes with musicians in a live studio setting.

What's your favorite American road to cruise down while listening to music?

Out here, the best road trip with tunes is driving to Montauk. As a westerner, I still can't get over seeing the ocean in this direction. Out west, my favorite road with music is the Windriver Canyon highway, north from Shoshoni to Thermopolis, Wyoming.

What's one of your fondest memories from your travels?

I was addicted to road trips as a youth. One of the most outlandish adventures happened in Northern Australia. After financing a camping trip to Kakadu National Park from a visit to a black jack table at a casino, I hitchhiked 2000 kilometers down the outback, from Darwin to Alice Springs. The twists, turns, live music, camping, strandings, and characters still make me laugh.

what is your Life motto?

Good is simple. Simple is hard. 

When you play, where does your mind go?

When I play music, my mind and soul go into the zone. I'm not exactly sure where my zone is, but it's not quite here and yet it's part of and present to every finite detail that surrounds me in that moment.

How long does it take you to write a song?

Sometimes a song takes three to five minutes, and sometimes it takes three to five years.

How did you and JeffREy Smith meet? What's the meet-cute story?

Jeffrey Smith and I met in a gas station parking lot north of Milwaukee. There was an instant connection and suddenly we had a lot to talk about. The meet-cute story is part of the show and will be revealed at Bay Street on March 16.

How did the other musicians get involved with the upcoming album?

The musicians that play and contribute to Shelter in Place are as lovely as their talent is deep. Our relationships and cross relations have grown for many years. Mike Guglielmo (who plays drums on the record) is a new friend, and we met two years ago when we played in Meghan Chaskey's band at the Yogafest at Hayground.

How did the album Shelter in Place come together?

The recording of the basic tracks in the kitchen came together smoother than I expected. The good experience is largely due to Steve Remote and Steve Kolakowski who came out from Queens to record, camp out, and transform the kitchen and house into a sonic friendly space. It was like a movie where the FBI takes over a house and turn it into NORAD.

Do you feel the East End has influenced your music?

The people, seasons, and isolating natural space of the East End have influenced my music in a huge way. Shelter in Place is the first collection of songs that was written entirely from this kitchen table. In all aspects, there is a lot of open space in this album.

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