April 01, 2015

Recipe of The Week

Bay Scallops With Lemon Purée Parsnip & Brown Butter

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Ingredients (serves4)

1 lb bay scallops (cleaned)

4 large parsnips (peeled & cut)

1 c whole milk

1 bay leaf

1/4 lb butter

6 lemons (peeled & juiced)

1/2 c sugar

1 c water

4 small bunches of mâché

Salt to your liking

1 oz canola oil


Begin by melting the sugar into the water over medium heat, stirring occasionally.  Cook the lemon peel over medium low heat in the resulting simple syrup until they turn soft and translucent.

While this is happening, boil the parsnips in water until they are soft. Heat the milk to a simmer and steep the bay leaf in the milk for five minutes. Add the parsnip, milk, and half of the butter to a blender cup. Season to your liking and purée. 

Heat the other half of the butter over medium heat, stirring often until the milk solids in the butter begin to turn brown. Take it off the heat and keep in a warm place. 

The lemon peels should now be ready. Add the candied lemon peels, three tbsps of the lemon simple syrup used to cook the peels, and 1/4 cup of lemon juice to a blender cup. 

Purée until a thick smooth consistency is achieved.

Once all of the elements are ready, heat a frying pan over high heat. Season the scallops and put the oil in the hot pan. 

Drop the scallops in the pan and sear on one side for one minute, then flip the scallops to the other side and sear for another minute. 

Add the warm parsnip purée along with the lemon around the plate. Place scallops on top of the parsnip. Add some mâché to garnish with a drizzle of brown butter to finish. Enjoy!

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